TELEGRAM GROUP     


POSTED - 9th May 2018


Newton Park is a large area and for better control we’ve formed 1 Telegram Group to cover the area.


The focus of the Group is to report on CRIME TAKING PLACE. This is NOT A SOCIAL GROUP and is not for discussions nor posts of unrelated or past events. While we appreciate that many people feel that animals are their children and a lost animal can be a really traumatic ordeal we have created this group for CRIME TAKING PLACE ONLY. If you do not like our rules, please come to our monthly meetings and come put forward your proposal. We are a democracy and nothing is cast in stone.


Too many people are posting all the wrong things on these groups and we intend to start removing offenders. Those people posting items commenting on these wrong posts must realise that we admin PRIVATE MESSAGE these members trying to educate them. This is an ongoing job and is not easy.




We don’t want the group get cluttered with non-Crime related postings

NO: “thank you”, "noted", “thumps up”, "How is the traffic on..." messages



- Chats, debating, arguing, posting of roadblocks, traffic cameras and/or police operations reports unless we are community participants at the time


- advertising, swearing, sexual and racial comments, inspirational messages or pictures and politics will not be allowed on this group


- chain or hoax messages


- posting of links of other groups will be allowed


- criticizing, judging or bad opinions of SAPS or Essentials Services Members will not be tolerated. We are here to assist their efforts.


- prayer requests, personal opinions or preferences, derogatory statements, racists posts, anything with pornographic content.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Members doing the above mentioned will be removed immediately WITHOUT ANY WARNING



Get the person to SMS or Inbox one of the admin’s directly with that person’s name, surname and number – NO INVITE REQUESTS on the group directly. Once the person has been raised they will be expected to post a PHOTO of themselves with their name, surname and physical address immediately. For confirmation purposes.



Only post messages that have been verified by yourself or from a reliable and trustworthy source. Anything you are not sure of ask one of the admins in a PRIVATE message...NOT ON THE GROUP.


If you not abide to these rules you stand the risk of being deleted and you will not be re-added to the group


Remember if you feel unsure of what you want to post, send it to one of the ADMINS and let them make the decision for you.


When reporting an incident please be very descriptive don’t be afraid of stating what you see.

i.e. it is not racist to state “two black males”, “one coloured lady”, “a white male and an Asian female”. This is what you see and will help those attending or responding to the event. A good description of their clothing, shirt colour, pants, jacket, shoe or tackies. Then if any blatant features, a scar on the face, a beard, Rasta type hair style, missing teeth etc. Remember shoes are not normally changed in a quick make over by criminals.


Herewith are some posts we have placed into two categories, the first is POSITIVE POSTS and the second NEGATIVE POSTS.


Please read them to get an idea of what we are trying to achieve.







What to Post on this Group:

Please be advised that this is a Crime Alert & Awareness Group, not a Chat Group. Share Information related to Suspected or known Crime / Criminal Activity that is currently relevant to our daily lives. We have Law Enforcement, Security Response & Other Essential Services Members here, who can’t be disrupted with non-relevant response information.

Suspect vehicles must include the best possible description, including colour, make, registration number & any possible identifying signs i.e.: left brake light broken.

The same will apply to Suspect Persons activities.

Please also take Note that Identifying Photos of Persons Alleging Criminal activity is Illegal & can lead to Criminal or Civil Prosecution. Be careful what You post & think before You allege any Criminal activity, unless it is clear & Our Law Enforcers are able to make a definitive Apprehension.

This Group is here for sharing of Information to assist Our Authorities, as We act as the 'Eyes & Ears' in the 'Fight Against Crime'.


#TogetherWe_Can Make_a_Difference




Missing Persons, Suspicious Persons & Suspicious Vehicles. 

This is the minimum requirements to be provided when reporting.

MISSING PERSON, to confirm the validity of such an incident, before distributing:


•  Is the FAMILY of the suspected missing person aware of the incident?


(If not, ask yourself, why not, and there is NO such thing to wait for 24hrs before such case may be reported to SAPS.)

● Is a clear image/photo available?

● Date & Time the person went missing: A.M. / P.M.

● Place the person went missing: Town & Province

● Age:

● Date of Birth:

● Identity no: if available

● Gender:

● Height:

● Weight:

● Hair length and colour:

● Eyes:

● Build:

● Specs:

● Piercing:

● Tattoos:

● Clothes:

● Colours Top

● Pants:

● Shirt:

● Hat:

● Shoes:

● Bags:

● Scarf:


Information required by SAPS & Missing Persons' Organisations before any notices are published.



● Date & Time the suspect person spotted: A.M. / P.M.

● Exact Location suspect spotted (Street, House Nr, Area)

● Ave Age:

● Gender:

● Height: (Short/Med/Tall)

● Hair length and colour:

● Build:

● Spectacles

● Clothes worn

● Colours Top

● Pants:

● Shirt:

● Hat:

● Shoes:

● Bags:

● Scarf:

● Race




● Date & Time vehicle spotted: A.M. / P.M.

● Exact Location Vehicle spotted (Street, House Nr, Area)






● SPECIAL MARKINGS (i.e. Bumps, different colour panels etc.)


Basic Information required by SAPS